11 Home Quarantine Rules for Families

We all know it’s a hard time out there and we all know it’s only temporary so the first and most important thing is staying calm and don’t panic. Yes it’s a tough time for all of us and that’s why it’s very important staying safe. Even though it’s a disaster we can make take advantage of it. In this article we will share you 18 important rules which will help you to get through the these hard times.

Unfortunately no one knows how long will it take and goverments found out the best solution is the home quarantine… all around the world. A lot of families found themself in an unprecedented situation so it’s very important to set some rules which will make your days easier. Family rules must be set in the beginning (NOW) because it’s a new situation for all of us.

Read this article together with your husband, wife or partner because it’s very impirtant to understand the rules for both of you. If you share it on your fb timeline you will find later easily.

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