11 Home Quarantine Rules for Families

We all know it’s a hard time out there and we all know it’s only temporary so the first and most important thing is staying calm and don’t panic. Yes it’s a tough time for all of us and that’s why it’s very important staying safe. Even though it’s a disaster we can make take advantage of it. In this article we will share you 18 important rules which will help you to get through the these hard times.

Unfortunately no one knows how long will it take and goverments found out the best solution is the home quarantine… all around the world. A lot of families found themself in an unprecedented situation so it’s very important to set some rules which will make your days easier. Family rules must be set in the beginning (NOW) because it’s a new situation for all of us.

Read this article together with your husband, wife or partner because it’s very impirtant to understand the rules for both of you. If you share it on your fb timeline you will find later easily.


11. Parents Must Agree

One of the most important thing is parents (or at least adults) must agree about the rules. If both of them don’t agree and work together the system won’t work and there will be caos in the family.

So first of all parents sit down and let’s find out the rules during quarantine. You must agree about all the rules and to keep yourself to them. Don’t leave the table until you didn’t find the solution which fit both of you. In this article we will give you some tips and rules but obviously you can set your own.


10. Involve the Children

In case if your children are old enough you should involve them into rules creating so they won’t feel them as a must. Children around 10 yo can be involved and you can act like it’s an adventure for all of you. Spending a lot of time together and helping each other to learn, work. Your children need your support and you also need thier. It’s important to undestand you need to get through it together. If you set the rules and take them the time will fly and you won’t even recognize the quarantine.


9. Daily Schedule

It’s very important to schedule the day. If everyone sleeping around for too long and then kids stay up late parents won’t take it long. You need a calm vibe to do your home office work. Even if you don’t do home office you need some time for yourself. That’s why it’s important to get the children understand it’s not like a spring break. It’s like school time which everyone spend home. So wake up in the morning and also wake up the kids so they won’t be too active for the night.


8. Duty if First

It may sounds a bit weird but it’s a must. If there is online education for the kids in your country, too, kids must to understand duty is first. They must to “got to school” every day even if it’s online. They need to do lessons and study just like in the school. Adapt to the educational agenda and don’t let them miss the “school”.


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7. Everyone do Housework

Not only mom and dad do the housework. Children must help in tasks depending thier age. They can help cleaning, cooking, garden tasks, washing-up and so on. You need to help each other and cooperate. This way children won’t get bored or stay too energetic at the end of the day. You can also teach them some tasks which will be an advantage in the future…


6. Working Hours

If both of parents do home office you should agree about working hours. When you spend your working hour your husband or partner need to assure peace and enough space being able to work. Take care of children when your partner work so make sure no one and nothing bothers her/him.


5. Tv and Video Games

You will spend a lot of time at home so TV and Video Games are unavoidable. This is not a problem but you need to control it’s content and time. If you need enough time to work a day and planning to sit the children infront of the TV look for some educational series or art channels. This way they will get some real and quality content at least. Don’t let the children watch too much TV or play too much video games.


4. Playground & Hanging Out

Don’t go to playground or any other public places with the kids. Also don’t let teenages hanging out with the friends or visiting them at home. This is not a spring break so make sure they are in safe at home. Rather help them to keep contact with their friends on skype, facetime and so on. It will help them to get through these times easier.


3. Private Sphere

Very important to provide a private sphere to everyone in the family. It will happen someone need some time alone without any iterruption or trouble. This can be a separated room or even a corner. It can be a headphone or anything gives some space from the family members.


2. Healthy Foods

It can take for weeks or even months so please don’t forget about healthy eating. Do the menu together on each days and do the shopping for that specific menu. Don’t shop unnecessary things don’t store foods and toilet paper. Rather shop only what you really need. Fruit, vegetable and ingredients. Helthy eating is more important these times because of the immune system. It can be also a great program for the family cooking together.


1. Take a Walk

You must to go to the nature from time to time which is very understandable because we can’t spend that much time at home. Go on an excursion with car to forest ot anywhere there are no others. Important, it’s not about meeting other families or friends it’s about going out for some hours. You can also bicycle or just have a walk next to the lake. Don’t interact with others and always have hand sanitizer and mask with yourself because hygiene is first!

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