27 Movies That Were Better Than the Book

Movies have been looking to the literary world for inspiration ever since… well, cinema was first invented. Why not? There are an impossible number of amazing books out there, and the history of the silver screen is filled with great movies inspired by them. No matter how great a film adaptation might be, though, the readers of the book will always point out how the film’s screenwriters totally botched the translation, whether by missing out on important subplots, merging characters, writing out other characters, or any number of changes the film makers decide.

The majority of the time we’ll agree that these naysayers are right. Every once in a while, though, great crews come along, take a hard look at a book’s concept, ditches the weak spots, and creates stunning movies better than the book.

Check out which of these popular book adaptations are a thousand times better than their original story sitting on book shelves.

Do you like Jurassic Park as a film better than the movie? How about Fight ClubJaws, or The Shawshank Redemption? It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while the movie really can be better than the book. Please be sure to SHARE this list of movies better than the book with all of your friends on social media!

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