30 Top Costumes in Film History


Film is a visual medium. Camera angles matter. The right shot can define generational experiences. That’s why when you look back on some of the most celebrated characters in movie history, you always remember what they were wearing. Sometimes, their outfit was simple, and that was the point: a tank top, a leather jacket, or a pair of red slippers did the trick.

Other times, a hero or villain was clad in an elaborate costume involving capes, robes, masks, or a bulky rubber suit. One thing that each one of these best movie costumes have in common, though, is that they have become iconic in their own right.

You’ve worn some of these looks as Halloween costumes. You’ve never forgotten them. Just seeing a picture of the T-800 from Terminator, or Danny and Sandy from Grease, the Joker from The Dark Knight, or Darth Vader immediately evokes these characters’ most memorable scenes.

Here are the Hollywood looks combined with the right characters that have stood the test of time. Scroll through your favorites, and don’t forget to SHARE these best movie costumes with all your friends!


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