Justin Bieber Gifted $100K to His Superfan

Only a couple of hours straight from the introduction of his most up to date music video, Justin Bieber astounded one of his fans with a check worth $100K! During his guesting for MTV’s Fresh Out Live on February 7, Bieber took 22-year-old Julie Coker off guard he talented her with the huge sum.

The cash is for her to use to help her work as a psychological wellness extremist. Coker drives Active Minds at Stockton University, a non-benefit association that advocates psychological well-being mindfulness.

Coker, who was determined to have gloom, has been dynamic in emotional well-being because of her past battles. For her, it is critical to open up about emotional wellness as the greater part of the populace has had psychological well-being difficulties sooner or later in their lives.

Julie is an immense fanatic of the Love Yourself artist. Her first show was a demonstration of his. Before going to the arrangement of the MTV appear, she was informed that she will film a promotion cut for Active Minds. Much to her dismay that this will be an amazing astonishment.

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