Justin Bieber Gifted $100K to His Superfan

The music video satisfied the fantasies of Bahri, Marcy, and Angela. Bahri is a Saudi Arabian conceived young lady whose objective is to be the principal college alumni from her family. So she wouldn’t need to stress over getting into her classes, Bieber gave her another vehicle.

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Marcy, who was brought up in child care, got away from a damaging relationship. She wants to one day help her individual encourage youth to have the option to stand up all alone. Bieber gave her family rucksacks loaded with provisions.

Having been destitute previously, Angela was given studio time by the Biebs for her to creatively spread consciousness of vagrancy. She even sang a refrain in the MV. Aims, which highlights rapper Quavo, is the third single from Justin’s collection, Changes.

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