A photo frame containing a family portrait is commonly found in every home. These frames truly warm the house and reveal who lives there. The sweet smiles on the faces of the family members dwelling in the home often bring a smile to those who are looking at them. However, do these family portraits actually show the true intent and character of the members living there? We do not always know for sure what goes on behind closed doors. This adopted little boy went to shock everyone present after he stopped the judge in a courtroom revealing what kind of people the couple who took him in were…

A Dream Of Hers

To take responsibility and actually foster a child is not as easy task, it can actually be a big challenge. There is no certainty that the child and the parents would get along with one another that they can co-exist lovingly. As of August 13 of 2018, Sara Cozad stood in front of a judge with her partner along with their two foster children there as well. The final adoption process was taking place after which the foster mom was to legally become these children’s mother.

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