Best Ways To Spend Home Quarantine Time Effectively

In these hard times we all think about finally doing something useful but only a few of us act. But let me tell you there are many ways to spend your time effectively while you are at home quarantine. This is the perfect time learning new skills without any doubt. There are several online classes you can learn from. Let’s create some advantages from this disappointing situation humanity face with. In this article I’ll share you the best ways on how to spend your time instead of wasting it.

So how do you spend your time? You wake up, drink a coffee do some house work and what? Looking out from balcony and hope for a better future? Or maybe do you scroll your Facebook feed all day long? Do you use your time to develop and learn some new skills? Do you spend it effectively or you just waste it?

Believe it or not there are several classes you can join online and learn something in only a few days. However if you don’t want to join any classes that’s okay, too. There are a lot of pissibilities out there. Well, sit down please have some rest and read our article. Choose your favourite and thanks later.

Believe me, this is the perfect time to finally do something. Now you have enough time so go ahead and get know yourself a bit better & deeper. You will see as time passing away the best thing happend to you is finding this article with a lot of useful tips and links to online classes in case you would join. πŸ™‚


1. Learn New Recipes

Okay this is too obvious and probably this is the first thing come to people’s mind but it worths to mention. Cooking is more about than just foods. It gives value to your life and also you can make your family or friends amazed and feel happy by cooking delicious foods for them. Actually it’s not that hard as it seems at the first sight, moreover, you will easily learn with online classes!

Okay it requires energy and time but hey, you are in quarantine, aren’t you? There are online classes you can join and learn from videos you can look for recipes in google or books. It’s up to you! According to your need you can find vegan classes, paleo and much more. Let’s get together with kids, wife or husband and create something new. It will be an amazing experience learning new recipes together.

Once you join to one of the online classes you will be able to learn whenever you want. Even if you do it yourself without family members I’m sure you will enjoy the way your cooking skills develop. Here are some links for online classes so you don’t have to leave your house. I listed you by categories to be able to find your very best. Simply click on it and it will opened in a new window.

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2. Create YouTube Videos

How about launching a new YouTube career? You always wanted to upload some video, didn’t you? Now it’s the best timing to finally do it. You can do video diary, simple talking vlogs, funny videos, cute animal videos and so on. Actually you can create videos about literally anything. As always I will give you links to online classes if you would join. However you can do it without any class, too! Believe me once you feel the vibe of being a YouTuber you won’t stop doing it.

Moreover you can make a lot of passive income from your YouTube videos. But even if you don’t care about the money you want to be successful on YouTube. I have some tips for you for this. Once you created your channel you need some subscribers. After you uploaded your first video you need views so your video get noticed by others. Here is a website which can help you on this exciting road; YouTube Pump is a YouTube marketing service. You can buy Views, Likes, Comments & even Subscribers.

This will help you to get your video noticed sooner because let’s be honest you don’t want to create videos for only a few views… you want a few hundred views at least. Once you purchased some views and subscribers you want your video a good ranking so people will surely click on it. I list the links above!

You don’t need professional gadgets and expensive cameras or even any classes if you don’t want to spend money. Just grab your phone and let’s record your video. However I recommend you to boost your channel with a few hundred subscribers and few thousands views.


3. Do Workout

Yes it’s also obvious just like cooking but hey, lot of people don’t do any exercises at all. Now when you can’t leave your home it’s really the best time to finally do some workout. You don’t need fancy places or GYM to do it. I list the link of classes below so you can learn the professional way on how to do workout.

Let’s push away your couch to have some space and do your daily workout. Your body will absolutely appreciate it and it’s also good for your mental health. Exercising can be done in several ways. You can do push-ups and these kind of basic stuff or you can learn from professional. There are many videos and classes online which will help you to get the best result. Simply click on them to get onto the website.

So here are the classes I mentioned before. I listed also a Yoga class which is a bit different from the other ones but maybe you are more into yoga lessons than regular exercising.

All of them are highly effective classes. These exercising techniques are used by thousands. You can do it at home even with your family together. Let’s exercise for a nice experience!


4. Learn New Languages

This is actually a very useful idea. It can open a brand new world with full of new people in the future. There are way more opportunities in this you just can’t image yet. You can do it with your family or kids together. Let’s face it you have a lot of time and learning a new language requires a lot of time so… it’s just the perfect timing.

Moreover knowledge has the greatest value. You will definitely need classes being able to learn effectively. Just like previously you will find the link of classes below because in this case online education is the key! If you hard-working enough at learning you can even get higher salary after quarantine.

So how about a pay rise? Well it’s kinda obvious. Most workplaces offer higher position to employee can speak a foreign language. So choose a language you are interested in, learn, practice and go back to work with higher salary, easy! I list you some links to the best online classes separated by languages.

This is one of the best thing you can do in quarantine. However you can do more of these activites listed in this article. Keep reading for more awesome tips and don’t forget to share with your friends!


5. Manifest Your Dreams

Manifestation is an effective way to attract anything you want to yout life. If you already know how to do meditate then manifestation is just perfect for you. However it’s no problem if you are a beginner because you have enough time to practice. All you need is a quite place or room and time to connect with yourself. Classes are listed below which will definitely need you especially if you are a beginner yet.

You can meditate together with your husband, wife or kids… they will enjoy for sure! Meditation and manifestation can show you a brand new world, I swear! You just can’t imagine how powerful it is. I list two classes one for meditation beginners and one for the manifestation itself.

The first class is more about manifesting money but honestly it works with anything. You can do it the same way with anything else. Simply listen the audio lessons and set your desire free!

If you don’t have a place to do it don’t worry. Simply grab a headphone and sit down. Close your eyes and listen to the meditation program. For the next tip just hit the next button below!


6. Draw Something Awesome

Drawing is one of the best things you can do when you are in quarantine. It let’s you being creative and also develop your skills. Moreover drawing will make time fly away. When you draw time passes by without noticing it. It’s because you will focus only on your art and nothing else. Keep reading for more information about the classes.

This is a good choice even if you have kids because you can relax while drawing. If you can’t draw that’s okay, too. There is online classses in this case, too. Actually I would like to show you only one class which already helped thousands to become a professional. No kidding, there are some secrets and lessons you just have to practice and that’s all. You will be able to create amazing arts. I list the website below so you can start the class today!

Personally I have learnt the same lessons from classes and the result is simply amazing. First I thought drawing is a big deal and I won’t be able to do it but… you know what? Let’s check out my drawing and decide yourself. Please consider what you see is ONLY 1 day difference!

As I mentioned before it’s all about the techniques…

It’s also an activity you can do even with your kids. They will love practicing and enjoy drawing for sure. The class contains also kid-friendly lessons. Share this article with your friends maybe they are interested, too!


7. Read eBooks

When was the last time you read a book? You don’t remember, right? Now you have enough time to do so. There are several interesting eBooks which can add value to your life and knowledge. Let’s choose one by your interest and let it to take you far away from your home. Reading a good book can open a brand new world. You don’t need to join any classes this time but I help you with a website. Keep reading! πŸ™‚

What kind of books do you like? You can look for one specific book or you can dowload a lot and browse for the best one. However I can highly recommend you a website where you can download hundreds of eBooks. They offer you the Top eBooks.

They are one of the best in online education eBooks. Kindly visit the website I list it below for you just simply click on it. By the way do you have an eBook reader? If not just simple send your chosen eBook to your mobile phone and read it there.

All the information you got from books can be useful in your life. Actually you never know but I’m sure you can’t loose anything πŸ™‚

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