Douyin the Chinese Tik Tok & it’s Top Tik Tokers

Douyin (抖音) is the Chinese version of Tik Tok.

The two brands are claimed by Bytedance, a Chinese tech organization. China’s web based life stage propelled in 2016, which can make and offer lip-synchronize, parody and viral test recordings, has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Despite the fact that it imparts similitudes to Vine, the once-popular, presently ceased short video facilitating administration, ByteDance, the Beijing based innovation firm that created Douyin/TikTok, has figured out how to do what Vine neglected to accomplish – catch a more extensive crowd than essentially the American market.

The 15-second video recording social stage has unquestionably enthralled the China market and its enormous prominence has seen numerous big names get on board with the fleeting trend to become customary clients of the stage.

You can register in Douyin App which can be find on the website of douyin.

4. Dear

It is nothing unexpected that the brassy, delightful star Dear, otherwise called Dilraba Dilmurat, is the sovereign of Douyin. With in excess of a 150 million preferences, Dear is without a doubt the big name who flaunts the most supporters on the stage. The Uygur local rose to notoriety not long after she joined the stage. Regardless of transferring just 22 recordings, Dear has pulled in excess of 50 million supporters.

Dear’s Douyin social media page. Photo: Douyin

The on-screen character, 27, has pulled in fans with her attractive features as well as on account of her funny yet sweet character. She has charmed Douyin admirers on account of her utilization of adorable channels, energetic music and dynamic hand motions and lip-synchronizing.

Download Douyin App here.

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3. Angelababy

Frequently commended for having the essence of a holy messenger, Angelababy is no more bizarre in the online networking influencer game. The Shanghai-brought into the world model, artist and on-screen character, whose genuine name is Angela Yeung Wing, is a functioning client of the Douyin stage. So far she has pulled in excess of 88 million preferences and 40 million supporters.

Angelababy. Photo: Douyin

Not exclusively does she in some cases have a ton of fun by utilizing creature channels, yet she will likewise hotshot her fabulous way of life and go in the background about how she utilizes compensate for her fans. The 30-year-old star likewise isn’t unwilling to getting somewhat fun loving and has been known to flaunt some great move moves and hand motions, as well.

You can register to douyin app from iphone or android.


2. Luo Zhixiang

Show Lo, normally known as xiaozhu, or “little pig”, is a Taiwanese artist, vocalist and entertainer who has earned a major after on the stage too. The 40-year-old, whose genuine name is Luo Zhixiang, has been in the business for over 20 years and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why he has increased an enormous fan base – with in excess of 28 million adherents and 180 million preferences.

Taiwanese singer Show Lo’s Douyin page.

The artist has pulled in fans with sensible video transfers, including interesting clasps of him taking on the appearance of a lady to reproduce well known antiquated Chinese dramatizations, including terrible channels and performing enchantment stunts with his hands. Lo additionally prefers to include recordings of him moving, including emulating web inclining move moves. He is glad to share recordings indicating his day by day life, as well, including the time he goes through with his mutts.

You can download Douyin App from stores.

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1. Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana is another Taiwanese star with a great many Douyin adherents. The 19-year-old cellist is exceptionally dynamic via web-based networking media and flaunts in excess of 15 million fans and more than 29 million likes on the stage.

Ouyang Nana’s Douyin page. Photo: Douyin

The capable big name, who has delighted in progress as an on-screen character just as an artist, regularly transfers fun hand moves, here and there utilizing miaow channels matched with playful tunes. It appears her fans just can’t quit stating “How adorable!” in the remark segment on her Douyin page.

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