Douyin the Chinese Tik Tok & it’s Top Tik Tokers

Douyin (抖音) is the Chinese version of Tik Tok.

Both brands are owned by Bytedance, a Chinese tech company. China’s social media platform launched in 2016, which can create and share lip-synch, comedy and viral challenge videos, has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

Although it shares similarities with Vine, the once-trendy, now-discontinued short video hosting service, ByteDance, the Beijing based technology firm that developed Douyin/TikTok, has managed to do what Vine failed to achieve – capture a wider audience than simply the American market. The 15-second video recording social platform has certainly captivated the China market and its huge popularity has seen many celebrities jump on the bandwagon to become regular users of the platform.

You can register in Douyin App which can be find on the website of douyin.

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