Douyin the Chinese Tik Tok & it’s Top Tik Tokers

2. Luo Zhixiang

Show Lo, normally known as xiaozhu, or “little pig”, is a Taiwanese artist, vocalist and entertainer who has earned a major after on the stage too. The 40-year-old, whose genuine name is Luo Zhixiang, has been in the business for over 20 years and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why he has increased an enormous fan base – with in excess of 28 million adherents and 180 million preferences.

Taiwanese singer Show Lo’s Douyin page.

The artist has pulled in fans with sensible video transfers, including interesting clasps of him taking on the appearance of a lady to reproduce well known antiquated Chinese dramatizations, including terrible channels and performing enchantment stunts with his hands. Lo additionally prefers to include recordings of him moving, including emulating web inclining move moves. He is glad to share recordings indicating his day by day life, as well, including the time he goes through with his mutts.

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